These photos supplement information on trains and buses in the book. 

Train 1 Shinkansen train approaching. One announcement will be ‘Stay back behind the yellow line’.

Train 4  Making your way around larger stations can be difficult, but you’ll have English signs. Shinkansen trains do not not generally use the same platforms as other JR lines. For Shinkansen services you pass through an extra ticket barrier.

Train 2 On busy platforms you may see lines like these to guide queuers. Quite difficult to work out what`s what, but as long as you get on the right train you should be okay!


Train 5 Not so much difficulty at a rural station…

Train 3 Some platforms never get busy.



Train 6 There may not be much English, but there`ll probably be someone someone very kind behind the curtain.

Bus 1′    A bus queue on a winter match day.







Bus 4   

To check your fare, look at the screen above the windscreen. Your fare will be displayed beside your stage number (the number on your ticket.)














Bus 2 For most buses you get on a on at a side door and find this kind of machinery at the top of the steps. The blue circle is where you touch in with a smart card. If you don’t have a smart card, take a ticket from the dispenser marked 整理券in red characters. This shows your stage and is necessary when you get off. No stage ticket is necessary if you get on at the starting point of the bus route.

Bus 5 Beside the driver you will normally find smart card scanning points, payment boxes and change machines, in case you don`t have the exact fare.. In the picture the change machine is under the payment box. Once you have the correct change, place it with your stage ticket in the payment box. If you have a smart card, just beep out.

Bus 3 Relax and enjoy the ride! There`s often a constant commentary about the delights of the next stop. There`s seldom any information in English, so try to tell the driver your destination. To get off,  press  the button (in yellow casing on the orange uprights). Leave by the door beside the driver.