What’s in the book?

Gamba’re will help you hit the ground running at rugby’s first ever world cup in Asia.

  • Japanese for the rugby fan – buy a snack, find your seat, forecast the result, comment on play, cheer your team on…even question the judgement of the referee – everything you want to say in the stadium, in Japanese!
  • Food and drink – finding places to eat and drink, illustrated A-Z of Japanese food, essential language for restaurants and bars.
  • Accommodation – what to expect, what to say and how not to miss breakfast.
  • Venues – getting there, hints on local tourism and where to go next, as well as suggestions for omiya’ge (Japanese souvenirs).
  • Transport – the great world of the Japanese train, and the refined arts of getting off a bus and out of taxi.
  • Etiquette – avoid a diplomatic incident in the street, on the tatami and in the bath.
  • Deciphering Japanese words – let’s face it, it’s good to be able to read at least part of a menu.
  • AND plenty more…